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“Bilous’ class ‘Insights Into Learning’ blew me away. I had known that teaching was an art—but what an art! Dr. Bilous showed us that being a great teacher is like being a great composer, performer, painter, and poet all in one. You learned just as much about yourself as you did about the art of teaching itself.”

Yuri Budounia, Composer and PH.D. Candidate, Princeton University
– Juilliard Journal, April, 2012


MIT Hacking Arts, Keynote Address

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ASV + GSU, Keynote Address

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TEDx Times Square

William Schuman Scholars Award

PBS – Charlie Rose

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Juilliard Center for Innovation in the Arts – Cracked Orlando

Dr. Bilous is a frequent speaker and facilitator in artistic, educational and corporate communities. His workshops feature immersive, hands-on experiences that explore new ways of working and creating with emphasis on innovative program design, interdisciplinary collaborations and curriculum design.

Presentations include ShanghiTech University, French American Institute, Osaka University and Kobe College, TEDx, Raising the Bar and New York Tech Week.

Remembering Elliott Carter

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